Dynex Power Announces Third Quarter Results for 2013

Q3 Disappointing but Strong Order Book Gives Confidence in an Early Recovery


Dynex Power Announces Stronger Second Quarter Results

Management forecast a significant increase in revenue in the second quarter and a return to profitability, which has proven to be the case


Dynex Power Announces First Quarter Results for 2013

A Difficult Quarter which Management Believes Marks a Turning Point for the Company


Dynex Power Announces Results for 2012

Revenue Growth Returns but Margins Compressed by Near-term Market Conditions Turnaround Expected in the Second Quarter of 2013


Dynex Power Provides Guidance on 2013 Business Prospects

Weak First Quarter Expected to be Offset by Strong Orders for Balance of Year


A Fitting Aquisition

Dynex President & CEO Paul Taylor is interviewed by Chinadaily.com