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Location.Dynex Assembly building

Dynex Semiconductor Ltd is based in the city of Lincoln which is situated in the Eastern Midlands of England about 150 miles north of London. There is evidence of an Iron Age settlement at Lincoln in the first century BC, but Lincoln first came to prominence as a Roman fort and then Roman colony in the first century AD. In addition to its strategic location at the north end of the famous Roman road, the Fosse Way, it was also a port linked to the sea through the Rivers Witham and Trent. Construction of a Norman castle was begun in 1068 and the first Cathedral was completed in 1092. It was rebuilt in 1185 after an earthquake and the central spire of this new Cathedral was widely regarded as the tallest man-made structure in the world at the time.


In 1215 the then Bishop of Lincoln was one of the witnesses to the signature of the Magna Carta and one of the four remaining original copies of Magna Carta is housed to this day in Lincoln Castle. More recently, Lincoln became famous as a centre of heavy engineering producing items such as diesel engines, steam shovels and gas turbines and the first military tank was designed and built in Lincoln. The University of Lincoln and Humberside (now the University of Lincoln) opened in 1996 and in 2006 Bishop Grosseteste College also gained university status.



A semiconductor business was opened in Lincoln by AEI Semiconductors in 1956 manufacturing some of the first silicon based semiconductor components in the world. As a result of various mergers and acquisitions in the electrical engineering industry, the business would later operate under the names of Marconi Electronic Devices, GEC Plessey Semiconductors and Mitel Semiconductors. In 2000, Dynex Power Inc, a small, publicly quoted Canadian company, formed Dynex Semiconductor Ltd to purchase the assets of Mitel Semiconductors. Following the acquisition, Dynex Power’s operations in Canada were closed down and now all operations of the Dynex Group are carried out in Lincoln as part of Dynex Semiconductor Ltd. In 2008, Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co. Ltd, a company based in the Hunan Province of The People’s Republic of China bought 75% of the share capital of Dynex Power Inc.  CSR Times Electric is quoted in Hong Kong but is majority owned by the CSR Group also based in Hunan Province in The People’s Republic of China. CSR Group is quoted in Shanghai and Hong Kong but is itself majority owned by the Chinese State–owned Asset Supervision and Administrative Commission based in Beijing in The People’s Republic of China.



Bipolar Discrete Products

Dynex's Bipolar products consist of Phase Control Thyristors (SCR), High Power Rectifier Diodes, Gate Turn-off (GTO) Thyristors and associated diodes, and Pulse Power Thyristors. Phase Control Thyristors feature the latest Ion Implant (i2) technology which produces marked reductions in conduction losses which, combined with reduced thermal resistance, gives substantially more power handling capability. The voltage range extends from 1200V to 8500V and average current ratings from 500A to nearly 7000A. Dynex Rectifier Diodes are particularly suitable for IGBT inverter front-end rectifiers, very high current applications like aluminium smelting and trackside rectification. Voltages extend to 6kV and current to 11kA. Dynex is committed to the continued production of GTO's to service both new build and the maintenance/refurbishment of existing railway locomotives. The range of devices is suitable for applications in main line and light rail traction drives and auxiliary converters. Pulse Power is an emerging technology and Dynex produces a range of asymmetric 4500V devices in three different current ratings, which gives a good trade off between voltage handling and extremely fast turn-on. Devices can be supplied selected in sets for series connection to achieve high voltage assemblies.


IGBT Modules & Die

Dynex offers a comprehensive range of high power IGBT and complementary diode modules. The product family includes modules with voltage ratings from 1,200V to 6,500V and current ratings from 100A to 3,600A. Circuit configurations include single switch, dual switch, chopper, half bridge and bi-directional options. All Dynex modules are designed and constructed to meet the most rigorous performance and reliability requirements in the marketplace. The IGBT technology is developed in-house by the Dynex R&D team, and manufactured in the dedicated wafer fabrication and assembly facilities located in Lincoln, ensuring complete control of the manufacturing process from die through to fully tested modules. Applications for Dynex high power modules include railway traction, marine drives, industrial motor drives and wind power generation.


Power Assemblies & Components

The power assembly group design and manufacture a range of systems which meet specific customer requirements for electrical, thermal and mechanical performance. The long experience of providing systems which utilise the Dynex semiconductor range and the unique understanding of applications enables the group to provide optimum power assembly solutions, which can include protection and control electronics. Air cooled and liquid cooled assemblies have been designed for Thyristor, GTO, diode and IGBT applications.


Customers & Markets

Customers are primarily original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance providers in the following sectors:


  • Railway propulsion and on-board systems
  • Industrial
  • Electric power transmission and distribution
  • Renewable and distributed power
  • Heavy industries:- Steel and Mining
  • Factory automation
  • Marine propulsion and on-board systems
  • Aircraft power electronic systems